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Company "Maxgate Enterprises d.o.o." established in 2010th


"Maxgate" will follow the current trend in demand that will result in increasing range of supply with more favorable price, in the range of jewelry findings , components, finished jewelry, DIY and hobby programs.


The founder and owner is an U.S. company "Maxgate Enterprises"LLC, which has been over 20 years engaged in selling goods from a range of jewelery (semi-precious stones, jewelery and all the elements necessary for making jewelry) and hobby programs. Throughout this long period we have created good contacts with producers and we have direct contracts with several factories and thus we ensure quality and low price products.


In this wide range is a large assortment of semi precious and precious stones / over 80 kinds / in various forms from balls of various sizes and a variety of other unusual forms, coral, pearls, and a selection of minerals and fossils.


We have our own office in Hong Kong and we continuously import goods from 15 countries worldwide, and if necessary supplement with goods from other countries. We do all this in order to provide you with a wide selection of reproduction materials that allows endless possibilities for making jewelry as per your ideas. To help your creativty even more we offer importing of certain goods by your claim, and we enable production of products by your own personal desing and drawings. That way you can have your own unique element. 


All components are silver plated, gold or silver and anti-allergic, all the elements passed control of the Office for Public Health and recieved a certificate that it does not contain nickel or any harmfull elements.


For wholesale customers approve an additional discount and huge price breaks on finished jewelry.


In our showroom you can find a great selection of unique jewelry that can be made ​​according to your wishes.


With everything mentioned for making jewelry we have also included some other products from hobby program.The program is also expanded on the basis of your query and demonstrated interest. 



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